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Enter a world of individual handmade jewelry that reminds you how beautiful & special you are. Every single NIRIANA jewelry is a piece of art where the natural raw stones mirror the unique beauty & people you love.

I create jewelry for the creative-minded, the confident, the adventurous, those looking to express their individuality & personal style.

NIRIANA showcase rough stones in they natural beauty. I pay close attention to detail during the design process, finding balance between modern aesthetics and timeless lines.

Designed & Handmade in house

All crystals are raw and natural. They come straight from the earth this pretty, as we born: individual, unique, confident. With the capacity of not knowing the impossible. My aim is to remind you how beautiful & special you are. To show your unique beauty & talent to the world I created NIRIANA to express yourself in new ways.


Every single jewelry is a piece of individual, there is only one of it on Earth. For this reason a vide variety of the highest quality crystals are sorted through to find the best ones, and carefully placed onto the jewelry with the best positioning, piecing the stones together highlighted the prettiest side. After creating a beautiful design, every jewelry needs almost 16+ hours to be as unique & gorgeous as you.


I believe every woman should be able to afford her own little piece of magical jewelry. I believe that high quality jewelry shouldn’t just be for a limited group of people. I work exclusively with authentic, natural stones. Brilliant, beautiful gemstones are the heart of NIRIANA, that brings the everyday magic to your life.