Aquamarine, with its serene blue hues reminiscent of the tranquil ocean, is not only a captivating gemstone but also believed to possess a range of beneficial properties. Here are some of the potential benefits associated with aquamarine crystals.


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We are very proud to present our handmade gemstone crystal rings collection for women. Quality is our passion and we believe in custom products rather than mass production.

Our rough stone rings for women are made for every occasion and look good on any woman. Pick up a cocktail ring to dress up your everyday look during drinks with the girls, or rock a unique set ring with your jeans to turn the style dial up to 10 on your next first date.

NATURAL RAW ORGANIC GEMSTONE RINGS for Energy, Healing and Inspiration

Made from 100% authentic gemstones.

Each ring is completely unique as the crystals are hand-picked by us. No two crystals are alike and each has its own unique energy and healing properties. These are hand-selected to bring the wearer positive change, happiness, and good fortune. The stones we use in our jewellery are natural raw gemstones that come from mines around the world.

Feel your connection to the Universe and yourself with these beautiful rings! 

Each gemstone has its own energy and healing properties that help with a variety of ailments from anxiety to stress. These rings are great for creating both protection and bringing their wearer closer to the earth and nature. The essence of each stone will help open your energy fields and harmonize your chakras, allowing you to reach higher levels of health, happiness, and well-being.


Whether you love wearing rings with statement crystals, or simple rings with delicate bands, we have an option for everyone. Our favorite crystal rings can be paired with our other best-seller rings for women from layered necklaces to stud earringsOur women's rings include 14k gold plated or silver bands surrounded by clear crystals. Our ring sets include multiple rings that can be worn together for a real statement to fit most people.

These beautiful handmade healing rings make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. With one ring for each finger, you are able to gradually absorb the positive energies of these gorgeous gems, as well as distribute them throughout your body.